Tours with Sarah

Ever wanted to go on a tour with Sarah? Now you can!

I’m launching a collaboration with my friend and colleague Reid Coen, owner of Imprint Tours. Our concept is to provide the same reliable quality of a Rick Steves tour in places that Rick doesn’t go–Asia, Africa, South America. While the format is what we’ve learned from Rick, these tours are a little more edgy, perfect for anyone ready to find real adventure.

I am also working with my long-time friend Andrew Villone of Savor the Experience Tours to create fun, experimental itineraries in off-the-beaten-path parts of Europe. Andrew is an expert in food and wine, and we hope to create experience based, boutique, small group tours for people looking to dig deeper and savor their time abroad. This is my play time, my chance to dream a little and create unusual, one-time itineraries. Catch them while they are offered, they may not come again!

Why Go with Sarah?

With over 20 years of experience in leading tours, I’ve got some miles under my belt. I have learned from the masters of tour craft on how to lead a positive, fun, and educational experience that is high on value–not just money-wise but also high value for your time.

I’ll be straight with you, though–I like to travel with positive, optimistic, fun-loving, flexible people who can roll with the punches. Travel can be a tough experience sometimes. Bad weather, strikes, and overcooked pasta are all hazards we face. If you get cranky when things aren’t perfect and will be upset about spotty wifi, I’m not your girl.

On the other hand, if you’re an easy-going type who doesn’t complain, can walk reasonably well and wants to see other cultures as they really are–warts and all– I think we are going to get along just fine. Bonus points if you like wine. And, I promise to give you a rich, empowering, enlightening experience no matter where I take you. Girl Scout’s honor.

Upcoming Tours with Sarah

Roaming through Romania – October 18-29, 2019

Step back in time to this mysterious land. Travel around the country’s heartland of Maramures where local traditions live untouched and dinners turn into feasts. Traverse through villages frozen in time and experience the traditions of rural life, handicrafts and folk music. Visit the magnificent painted monasteries of Bucovina, known as the Sistine chapel of the East.

Romania Tour

Head into the Carpathian mountains to track wolves with a wildlife expert. Dine with the locals, distill Romanian brandy and learn the old recipes of the Romanian kitchen. And get a taste of the medieval in historic Transylvanian cities while hunting down clues to the real Dracula in castles and atmospheric citadels.

This tour will capture the same spirit of our other tours– small group, boutique experiences and great value. While you may not know much about Romania, Sarah and our Romanian local guide will take you through a time-tripping experience through old-Europe.

2020 Tours


February 9-22, 2020

Thailand is a land of rich cuisine, colorful, outlandish architecture and friendly people, and you’ll quickly understand why it’s called the “Land of Smiles”. We begin in lively Chiang Mai and visit an elephant sanctuary, along with a cooking class and home stay. Our tour continues to the ancient capital of Sukhothai, then to the bustling current capital of Bangkok. We head south to Khao Sok for some lake exploration, then to the coast for snorkeling and beach time…and so much more!

Our signature tour will delight all of your senses and is perfect for a first visit to Asia, or even for a first adventure beyond Europe.


February 25- March 4, 2020

Israel is the place to connect to religion and history, especially for those who have already visited Italy and want to learn more. Even for those not raised in a religious environment it is impossible not to be moved by visits to historic Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sights.  To walk the stones that were tread by Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed is the ultimate proximity experience.  But Israel is more than its remarkable religious heritage.  You will also explore the lunar-like landscape of Timna National Park, the Red Canyons of Eilat, the Crusader tunnels of Acre, and the Roman ruins of Caesarea. Filling fast!

Egypt and Jordan

March 5-17, 2020

Egypt, the “Land of the Pharaohs”, should be a bucket-list destination for every traveler. The list of sights we will see is impressive and long:  the great pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, mighty Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the temples of Edfu and Kom-Ombo, and finally, the wondrous Abu Simbel.  This is an iconic checklist that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world.  We also add the amazing experiences of a classic Nile Cruise, an evening of Nubian gastronomy and entertainment, the great mosques of Islamic Cairo, Khan-el-Khalili bazaar, and more.  And, were this not enough, the tour concludes with the pre-eminent sight in the region, the hidden city of Petra in next-door Jordan.

My tours have become popular and are selling out more quickly each year. These upcoming departures are full, but may be offered again in the future. Join my mailing list for early notice on tour announcements.

Morocco, April 2019

Northern Italy and Slovenia – October 7-17, 2019

This tour exploring the connection between Italy and Slovenia was such a success in 2018 that we’ve decided to do it again. Whee!

This elegant, relaxing tour will take you from the Veneto’s Palladian villas, up the Prosecco road, through undiscovered northern Italian villages without a tourist in sight. In Slovenia, we will sample wines in the up-and-coming Brda region, visit castles, caves, coastal villages, and the uber-cool capital of Ljubljana. We will dine well, savoring regional specialty foods and long, chatty meals. This food and wine focused tour is perfect for anyone who wants to dig deeper into Italy, or just prefers a slower pace and smaller group.

This tour is currently fully booked. Please email Sarah to join the waitlist.

Rick Steves Tours with Sarah

My schedule with Rick Steves Tours changes from year to year and I often don’t know what it will be until close to the tour dates.  Typically I lead 9 tours per year for Rick. I often lead Venice-Florence-Rome, Sicily, Best of Italy, Best of Rome, Family Europe and Best of Europe. Even if I’m not your guide, Rick Steves offers what I believe to be the best value for your time and money, with guides who I consider to be my extended family.

Don’t See What You Want? I Do Custom Tours!

Already have a group and need a guide?  I can create custom itineraries to any destination in the world for groups of almost any size. It’s best to contact me at least 9 months in advance. If I’m not available to guide you personally, I can still reserve and manage your group tour and pair you with one of my excellent colleagues.

For European tour schedules or to arrange a custom tour, please contact me at [email protected]

I hope we will have the chance to go on adventure together!