Budgeting for European Travel

It’s a great shift in culture these days, to see more people eschewing the Stuff and choosing to spend their money on travel. Travel changes your perspective on the world and everything in your life, making it the best investment in yourself possible. But how can anyone afford it? Isn’t European travel outrageous and impossible […]

Gluten Free Travel

Travel can present dietary challenges for everyone, but can be very intimidating for people with serious allergies or dietary restrictions. One of the most common challenges that I see on the road is a gluten free diet. Gluten free travel is not impossible, it’s actually become very common and pretty easy to do with a […]

Adventures With Sarah on Tour: A Thailand Tour

Sit back and imagine the smell of curry on a warm evening in Bangkok.  Hear the sound of the wind rustling in the palm trees on a coastal nature preserve.  Feel the warm leathery skin of the elephants as you feed them bananas.  Taste fresh mangoes, with a luscious sweetness unlike anything you’ve had before. […]

Travel During Political Uncertainty

Let’s face it, things in the US have gotten weird lately. It seems that the world is holding its’ collective breath and waiting to see what happens next. What does it mean to travel during times of political uncertainty? I was exploring in Thailand and Cambodia recently, during the change of administration in the US. […]

Carpe Diem

Today I’m off on another adventure. Yeah, I know, you’ve heard that one before.This one is different, though. Rather than going back to my favorite spots in Europe, I’m headed West, to places I’ve never been to, places I’ve only ever dreamed of going. I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous. Heading off by myself into […]

Adventures with Nico, Episode Four: Life is Beachy with Nico Italiano

Nico and I had packed up, washed clothes and were ready for the next leg of our adventure. My license was scheduled to arrive at the end of our next stop in the Cinque Terre but I was hopeful that I’d get it sooner….American optimism knows no bounds, despite years of knowing better.  Our short […]