Sicily — Why I Went, and Why You Should Too

I’ve just wrapped up a long season of guiding tours in Sicily. If you don’t know much about Sicily, you’re not alone. Even if it’s the largest province in Italy, it is a place that seasoned travelers to Italy overlook. But that would be a mistake, this island is richer and more historic than Rome […]

Budgeting for European Travel

It’s a great shift in culture these days, to see more people eschewing the Stuff and choosing to spend their money on travel. Travel changes your perspective on the world and everything in your life, making it the best investment in yourself possible. But how can anyone afford it? Isn’t European travel outrageous and impossible […]

Travel Anxiety: Yes, You’ll Be OK

I don’t know what is in the air these days, but it seems everyone is anxious about traveling. Worried they might forget something. Concerned that best laid plans won’t work out. Imagining dying in a fiery plane crash. I’ll tell you, there is a lot to worry about these days, but your trip isn’t one […]

Gluten Free Travel

Travel can present dietary challenges for everyone, but can be very intimidating for people with serious allergies or dietary restrictions. One of the most common challenges that I see on the road is a gluten free diet. Gluten free travel is not impossible, it’s actually become very common and pretty easy to do with a […]

The Travel Decider: Where to go in Europe

Travel dreaming is what keeps a certain amount of us going. This is a big and beautiful world, after all, and we have such a short amount of time on it to try and see its diversity. So how do you choose where to go in Europe? I’ve been to Europe a few times, maybe […]

Self Care on the Road

I’ve been on the road for a long time this year. Between tours, guidebook research, travel with my son and various little projects, I’ve been away from my own bed for a while. It can be tough, especially for introverts like myself. Tonight I’m staying in, enjoying the quiet of my hotel room. I have […]

All By Ourselves, Women Traveling Alone

As I pack up for another adventure, it occurs to me that traveling by myself has become more than normal. It is what travel is, especially since I’m traveling for work. I meet women traveling alone all the time in my travels, especially on my tours, who’ve decided to stop waiting for someone to go […]

Packing for Safari, Dreaming of Africa

It’s still the off-season for tour guides, a time when many go on adventures to destinations outside of our normal beat. I can only dream about it for the moment, but there are many tour guides laying on beaches in Cuba with Mojitos, and many more packing up for the last vacation before tour season […]

Homemade Travel Gifts

If you’re like me, you may not like the idea of mindless swapping of useless gifts at Christmastime. I prefer to give something practical, even if it’s socks. Socks are a great gift! But maybe that’s because my feet are cold right now. Better than a deeply practical gift is one that is practical and […]