Travel Shoes: What About Barefoot Shoes?

In my quest for the perfect travel shoe, I have done plenty of shoe research. Comfort is key, but in my packing philosophy weight plays a big part. As I have combed the landscape for lightweight shoes, I have found a whole shoe movement that I didn’t know existed, barefoot shoes. If only we could be […]

Travel Shoe Spreadsheet

The Perfect Travel Shoe I wouldn’t say that a travel shoe can make a trip, but they sure as heck can break a trip. I’ve been on the hunt for years to find the perfect travel shoe. It’s my business and I take it seriously. I asked my readers to suggest their favorite travel shoe […]

Travel Shoes for Tough Sizes

Every traveler needs a sturdy pair or two of shoes, but not all are blessed with standard size feet. Many people suffer from a variety of foot ailments, and travel can make these worse. Today I am focusing on travel shoes for tough sizes and problematic feet. In my last post I wrote about the […]

The Big Travel Shoe Decider: Travel Shoes 2017

The most common question I get from travelers is, what is the best travel shoe? Each year, I sort through all of the different options from sandals to flats to clown shoes. I scour the internet and my local shoe stores, looking like a crazy lady with my scale in hand, to find the best […]

Packing for Travel: Choosing the Right Shoes, or at Least Not the Wrong Ones

I’d like to say I have the wisdom to tell you exactly what shoes you should buy for your trip. I can’t. Shoes are such a personal thing. It’s not just style, it’s the structure of your foot and the way you walk that will have a big impact on your choices. Take what I […]