Budgeting for European Travel

It’s a great shift in culture these days, to see more people eschewing the Stuff and choosing to spend their money on travel. Travel changes your perspective on the world and everything in your life, making it the best investment in yourself possible. But how can anyone afford it? Isn’t European travel outrageous and impossible […]

Going Underground in Rome

Rome has no lack of famous archaeological sites and plenty of easily accessible ruins. But the one thing most visitors don’t realize is that much, if not most, of Ancient Rome still exists in some form. For the best view of the past you need to travel down in the layers, underground in Rome. The […]

All By Ourselves, Women Traveling Alone

As I pack up for another adventure, it occurs to me that traveling by myself has become more than normal. It is what travel is, especially since I’m traveling for work. I meet women traveling alone all the time in my travels, especially on my tours, who’ve decided to stop waiting for someone to go […]

Travel Technology: Hardware

Over the years on the road, I’ve gone through many evolutions with travel technology. In the not-so-distant past it was fairly revolutionary for a tour guide to carry a cell phone. My first tour guide phone was laughably heavy and big, but, boy did it ever increase my quality of life. These days almost everyone […]

Travel Gifts for the Intermediate Traveler

In my last post, I wrote about some travel gift ideas for beginner travelers, today I have some ideas about gifts for the Intermediate Traveler. What is an Intermediate Traveler? Someone that’s been a few places and knows their way around an airport. They may not be hanging with the swank group in the Elite […]

Packing for Off-Season Travel

Travel in the off-season is a joy. Especially living in these gray Seattle winters, I’m jumping for joy when March arrives and I head out for the early tour season. I know that empty museums and crowd-free cities await, as well as great photography opportunities with the brilliant lighting of the low winter sun. Packing […]

Packing, Man Style

The packing advice I’ve given so far is obviously from a woman’s perspective. I’d like to give a little space to talk about what men may want to bring. I’m no man, although I have always lived with lots of men, I had three male roommates in college as well as a husband and two […]

Packing Luxuries for Europe: You Don’t Need That, But You Might Want It

As all of the previous posts can attest, I am very careful and thoughtful about what I bring with me on a trip. The reasons are obvious, I need to carry whatever I choose for up to 7 weeks at a go. Minimalism is very important. Comfort is also important, so balance is the key. […]

Packing for Europe: The Miracle of the Scarf

 Other than my smartphone my other indispensable travel item, akin to a Swiss Army knife, is a scarf. If only MacGyver had known about packing scarves, maybe that show would still exist. Scarves may seem like something frumpy that only women of a certain age wear. Not so! You should own a nice, big scarf. […]

Bringing Technology to Travel: Part One, Cell Phones

Hello from Alto Adige in Italy, and a welcome to all new readers from ricksteves.com! Rick has been kind enough to feature my blog again this month (Grazie Rick!), so I’ll be continuing my series on packing techniques through the end of October, possibly beyond. I’ll also be sharing travel tips and stories from the […]