Adventures With Sarah on Tour: A Thailand Tour

Sit back and imagine the smell of curry on a warm evening in Bangkok.  Hear the sound of the wind rustling in the palm trees on a coastal nature preserve.  Feel the warm leathery skin of the elephants as you feed them bananas.  Taste fresh mangoes, with a luscious sweetness unlike anything you’ve had before. […]

Street Food in Thailand

Thailand is a cross roads of eastern cultures. The food found there is some of the most complex, rich with delicious aromas. It’s where tropical flavors mix with Chinese and Indian traditions. While I do enjoy sitting down for a meal with a variety of dishes, street food in Thailand is more diverse and fascinating, […]

Travel in Asia, First Impressions

Travel is like a relationship. There can be love (or hate) at first sight. There can be places you meet that you feel you’ve known forever. There can be a flash of infatuation that dissipates after you really get to know a place and find that its’ drawbacks are greater than its’ benefits. There can […]