Travel Toiletries: The Most Basic Basics

Every time I leave for the airport, I have that sudden panic–what did I forget? There must be something. It always used to be my watch, so I’ve solved that problem by not owning a watch. These days, it is occasionally something small in my travel toiletries kit. Travel toiletries are a key component of […]

Travel Shoe Spreadsheet

The Perfect Travel Shoe I wouldn’t say that a travel shoe can make a trip, but they sure as heck can break a trip. I’ve been on the hunt for years to find the perfect travel shoe. It’s my business and I take it seriously. I asked my readers to suggest their favorite travel shoe […]

Ultralight Packing: 9 Pounds for 11 Days

A couple of months ago, I received a challenge from a reader to try ultralight packing and pack a bag that was 10 pounds maximum. I was recently home from travel and pulled out all of my favorite gear to make a hypothetical bag, and it worked! It was much easier than I expected, so […]

What Travel Goodies Did Santa Bring?

Happy Christmas aftermath! My living room looks like a toy store exploded, how about you? I must have been a pretty good girl because I got a few really fun travel goodies, some of which are heading with me to Europe when I return. I have plenty of travel gear, but I’m always impressed by […]

Packing Luxuries for Europe: You Don’t Need That, But You Might Want It

As all of the previous posts can attest, I am very careful and thoughtful about what I bring with me on a trip. The reasons are obvious, I need to carry whatever I choose for up to 7 weeks at a go. Minimalism is very important. Comfort is also important, so balance is the key. […]

Packing for Europe: The Miracle of the Scarf

 Other than my smartphone my other indispensable travel item, akin to a Swiss Army knife, is a scarf. If only MacGyver had known about packing scarves, maybe that show would still exist. Scarves may seem like something frumpy that only women of a certain age wear. Not so! You should own a nice, big scarf. […]

Bringing Technology to Travel: Part One, Cell Phones

Hello from Alto Adige in Italy, and a welcome to all new readers from! Rick has been kind enough to feature my blog again this month (Grazie Rick!), so I’ll be continuing my series on packing techniques through the end of October, possibly beyond. I’ll also be sharing travel tips and stories from the […]

Packing: A Delicate Subject…Travel Underwear

I have gone through all of my clothes in previous posts but there is one obvious thing missing- underwear. I have two little boys at home, so I am very aware that the word “underpants” makes everyone giggle and a little uncomfortable. ‘Panties’ is even worse, it makes me feel icky even writing it. My […]

Packing for Long Term Traveling: Let’s Make this Hotel a Home

Most people go on trips to Europe for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. Some of us, myself included, tend to be on the road a little longer. When you’re gone from home for so long, how do you deal with homesickness and missing your environment? I’ve been living out of a backpack sporadically […]

Packing: Let’s Start from the Top

Its time to get down to the most serious business. My clothes. That’s what packing is mostly comprised of, after all. To recap earlier posts, my idea is this- it doesn’t matter how much you bring, but it does matter how much it weighs. If you can bring lighter things, you can bring more if […]