Sicily — Why I Went, and Why You Should Too

I’ve just wrapped up a long season of guiding tours in Sicily. If you don’t know much about Sicily, you’re not alone. Even if it’s the largest province in Italy, it is a place that seasoned travelers to Italy overlook. But that would be a mistake, this island is richer and more historic than Rome […]

12 Ways to be a Good Tourist in Venice

It’s high season and the crowds in major cities in Europe are swarming. Venice is always a popular attraction for visitors. While the steaming mass of tourists come and go, frustrated locals feel the pressure of crowding every day. As with any cross section of humanity, there are thoughtful travelers and…not so thoughtful travelers in […]

10 Movies for Travelers to Italy

Now that the Oscars are over and winter is dragging on, it’s time to settle in for a movie binge. I’m off to Sicily and Tuscany again in about a month, so I’m getting in the mood with some classic movies set in Italy. Ready to shake off the winter blahs? These 10 movies for […]

Adventures with Nico, Episode Four: Life is Beachy with Nico Italiano

Nico and I had packed up, washed clothes and were ready for the next leg of our adventure. My license was scheduled to arrive at the end of our next stop in the Cinque Terre but I was hopeful that I’d get it sooner….American optimism knows no bounds, despite years of knowing better.  Our short […]

Adventures With Nico, Episode One

It’s been a crazy summer, venturing out with my 8 year-old son Nicola on his first trip to Europe. Travel with children is a whole different game, a fantastic adventure. Some of you have been asking for an update on the trip. After three magical weeks in Italy, my son Nico has gone back to […]

Going Underground in Rome

Rome has no lack of famous archaeological sites and plenty of easily accessible ruins. But the one thing most visitors don’t realize is that much, if not most, of Ancient Rome still exists in some form. For the best view of the past you need to travel down in the layers, underground in Rome. The […]