A Small Lesson in Pizza

I’m home from my trip and back in my kitchen, thinking about what to feed my family….as usual. I’ve been very lucky that my professional life often gives me the opportunity to learn new things, and usually fun, interesting things such as pizza-making. The skills I’ve learned in Italy have come back to my kitchen […]

Visiting the Vatican? You Might be Doing it Wrong

I’ve just finished a delightful weeklong tour of Rome for Rick Steves. We had a great group, perfect weather and good times. In our week we visited the Colosseum and Forum, Ostia Antica, Borghese Gallery and toured the small nooks and alleyways while sampling local food specialties. It was an immersion in Roman culture. We […]

Packing for Heat, Shorts in Europe

Temperatures are climbing here in Italy, it’s getting close to 90 at mid day. As summer heat builds, you may be tempted to toss a pair of shorts in your vacation bag. For most people in the US, summertime heat means shorts weather…unless you’re from Seattle where even sun and 55 calls for bikinis. If your […]

Choosing the Right Daybag, or Embrace the ManBag

First off, I’d like to express my surprise and gratitude for the incredible response to my blog, the huge number of readers from all over the world is just amazing. I appreciate all of your kind and encouraging comments, it keeps me fired up about writing! Promise I’ll keep it up if you keep reading. […]