Street Food in Thailand

Thailand is a cross roads of eastern cultures. The food found there is some of the most complex, rich with delicious aromas. It’s where tropical flavors mix with Chinese and Indian traditions. While I do enjoy sitting down for a meal with a variety of dishes, street food in Thailand is more diverse and fascinating, […]

Cambodian History, Living History

Cambodia was not really on my radar before my trip here, as I mentioned in a previous post. My visit was such a surprise to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the sights, the people and the culture, there is a richness and soulfulness that I didn’t expect. The most compelling aspect, though, was Cambodian history, the […]

Great Moments in Travel: Angkor Wat

As a tour guide, I have had the privilege of sharing some of the classic, great travel moments with my clients, it’s what I enjoy most about my job. Ascending the Eiffel Tower. Exploring the Colosseum. The awe of St. Peter’s first thing in the morning. The look on people’s faces the first time they see the […]

Getting to Know Cambodia

Visiting new places is like meeting new people. If you’ve heard of them, you’ve formulated an idea ahead of time. Sometimes the idea is close, and sometimes there are surprises. Like meeting celebrities, the reality is rarely like the airbrushed magazine cover. I can’t say I was very well informed about Cambodia before my first […]