Solo Travel, Just Go!

Finishing up a long round of book research, I’ve been on the road exploring by myself. Many people have commented about how brave I must be to travel the world alone, but I don’t really understand that. Solo travel is part of my job, it’s just the way my life is and that’s fine by me. Admittedly, […]

A Real Day as a Guidebook Researcher

I’m out on the road in Italy again, updating Rick Steves guidebooks. Guidebook research is fun, and many people would say that it is their dream job. I did too, that’s why I’m here. With all professions, no matter how glamorous from the outside, work is called work for a reason. Guidebook research requires stamina […]

Adventures With Sarah on Tour: A Thailand Tour

Sit back and imagine the smell of curry on a warm evening in Bangkok.  Hear the sound of the wind rustling in the palm trees on a coastal nature preserve.  Feel the warm leathery skin of the elephants as you feed them bananas.  Taste fresh mangoes, with a luscious sweetness unlike anything you’ve had before. […]

Travel During Political Uncertainty

Let’s face it, things in the US have gotten weird lately. It seems that the world is holding its’ collective breath and waiting to see what happens next. What does it mean to travel during times of political uncertainty? I was exploring in Thailand and Cambodia recently, during the change of administration in the US. […]

The Travel Decider: Where to go in Europe

Travel dreaming is what keeps a certain amount of us going. This is a big and beautiful world, after all, and we have such a short amount of time on it to try and see its diversity. So how do you choose where to go in Europe? I’ve been to Europe a few times, maybe […]

The Travel Decider: When is the Best Time to Go to Europe?

One of the most common questions I receive is, “When is the best time to go to Europe?” The answer depends on you, your finances, interests and time. I’ve decided to construct a calendar to help you pick the best time to go to Europe for you. Every month has advantages and disadvantages. The Best […]

Self Care on the Road

I’ve been on the road for a long time this year. Between tours, guidebook research, travel with my son and various little projects, I’ve been away from my own bed for a while. It can be tough, especially for introverts like myself. Tonight I’m staying in, enjoying the quiet of my hotel room. I have […]

Going Underground in Rome

Rome has no lack of famous archaeological sites and plenty of easily accessible ruins. But the one thing most visitors don’t realize is that much, if not most, of Ancient Rome still exists in some form. For the best view of the past you need to travel down in the layers, underground in Rome. The […]