Adventures with Nico: Road Trip Edition

It’s August again, so it’s time for another adventure with my young son, Nico. If you recall, last year Nico and I took an epic wander around Italy, which I wrote about in episodes. This year we chose to do a short road trip from our home in Seattle, which grew from an overnight in […]

Adventures with Nico, Episode Five: Piedmont Pleasures

My trip to Italy with Nico had been intended to welcome my son into my alternate world, my adopted country. I wasn’t sure what he would find interesting in terms of historical or cultural sits, but I knew he had one item at the top of his to-do list, visiting with his friend Emmanuele. Emi […]

Adventures with Nico, Episode Four: Life is Beachy with Nico Italiano

Nico and I had packed up, washed clothes and were ready for the next leg of our adventure. My license was scheduled to arrive at the end of our next stop in the Cinque Terre but I was hopeful that I’d get it sooner….American optimism knows no bounds, despite years of knowing better.  Our short […]

Adventures with Nico, Episode Three: Slow Down in Slovenia

After being derailed and left hanging without a car, I was not sure what to do next. I had plans to drive to Slovenia to visit friends, but that was part of a larger idea to wander the countryside with a car. Without a car, getting to Slovenia is a nightmare. Did it even make […]

Adventures with Nico, Episode Two: Trouble in Paradise

Packing up after our lovely four days in Rome, I was feeling good. I had been concerned about how my little son would take to Italy. He’s not good with change or dealing with frustrating situations, and Italy is all about that. I was kind of hoping that this trip would help him develop skills […]

Adventures With Nico, Episode One

It’s been a crazy summer, venturing out with my 8 year-old son Nicola on his first trip to Europe. Travel with children is a whole different game, a fantastic adventure. Some of you have been asking for an update on the trip. After three magical weeks in Italy, my son Nico has gone back to […]

Detours: Roman Gladiator School

Italy isn’t always set up for family tourism, unfortunately. For my son’s first trip to Italy, I have been looking to make his experience fun and engaging, looking for something to do that can bring history to life. I was lucky enough to have that very something fall into my lap, a combat lesson at […]

Travel Tutorial: Day Trip Rome to Pompeii

Most visitors to Italy will go to Rome and see the ancient sites. The broken bones of the Roman Empire are fascinating, but the ancient way of life can be hard to visualize. A visit to the ancient city of  Pompeii is the best way, in my opinion, to get a feel for Roman daily […]

Tips for Traveling with Children

After 11 years of travel while mothering, I’ve learned a few lessons and have loads of tips for traveling with children in tow. Kids are great travel partners as I mentioned in an earlier post. I’ve already walked the trail of fire through the under-6 stage, and I’ve got more than only stretch marks to prove […]