Budgeting for European Travel

It’s a great shift in culture these days, to see more people eschewing the Stuff and choosing to spend their money on travel. Travel changes your perspective on the world and everything in your life, making it the best investment in yourself possible. But how can anyone afford it? Isn’t European travel outrageous and impossible […]

Travel Anxiety: Yes, You’ll Be OK

I don’t know what is in the air these days, but it seems everyone is anxious about traveling. Worried they might forget something. Concerned that best laid plans won’t work out. Imagining dying in a fiery plane crash. I’ll tell you, there is a lot to worry about these days, but your trip isn’t one […]

12 Ways to be a Good Tourist in Venice

It’s high season and the crowds in major cities in Europe are swarming. Venice is always a popular attraction for visitors. While the steaming mass of tourists come and go, frustrated locals feel the pressure of crowding every day. As with any cross section of humanity, there are thoughtful travelers and…not so thoughtful travelers in […]

Gluten Free Travel

Travel can present dietary challenges for everyone, but can be very intimidating for people with serious allergies or dietary restrictions. One of the most common challenges that I see on the road is a gluten free diet. Gluten free travel is not impossible, it’s actually become very common and pretty easy to do with a […]

Italian Trains and How to Use Them

Taking trains around Europe is the best way to connect cities in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Inter-European flights can be super cheap these days, but the hassle of getting to the airport and navigating security can make a flight more trouble than it’s worth. I travel often on European trains, particularly Italian trains, and […]

International Travel for Beginners

Are you planning your first trip abroad? Or maybe you’re trying to convince a friend to get out of their comfort zone and travel abroad for the first time? After spending half of my life devoted to travel, I’ve got some advice for international travel beginners. Planning an international trip begins like writing any good […]

Solo Travel, Just Go!

Finishing up a long round of book research, I’ve been on the road exploring by myself. Many people have commented about how brave I must be to travel the world alone, but I don’t really understand that. Solo travel is part of my job, it’s just the way my life is and that’s fine by me. Admittedly, […]