Travel Technology: Hardware

Over the years on the road, I’ve gone through many evolutions with travel technology. In the not-so-distant past it was fairly revolutionary for a tour guide to carry a cell phone. My first tour guide phone was laughably heavy and big, but, boy did it ever increase my quality of life. These days almost everyone […]

Bringing Technology to Travel: Apps for Travel

  Now that we’ve sorted out how to get a functioning phone, let’s see what a phone can do for you. I’m not talking about your average phone for calls only, I’m talking smartphones and apps for travel. Remember when all of us backpackers carried Swiss Army Knives? Even if I’d love to have one […]

Bringing Technology to Travel: Part One, Cell Phones

Hello from Alto Adige in Italy, and a welcome to all new readers from! Rick has been kind enough to feature my blog again this month (Grazie Rick!), so I’ll be continuing my series on packing techniques through the end of October, possibly beyond. I’ll also be sharing travel tips and stories from the […]