Oh, the Things You’ll Eat: A Tour Guide’s Year in Food

When I was a backpacker in my 20’s, I lived on bread, cheese and tomato. You can get that in any country, it’s cheap, non-scary and portable. Boy, I thought I was living the good life when I could add Nutella and a 50 cent bottle of wine to that spread. Although my scruffy travel […]

12 Days of Travel: Oh, the People You’ll Meet

Travel jobs require you to be outgoing, friendly, always positive and welcoming, resourceful and flexible. Plus speak foreign languages, know ALL THE FACTS and a bunch of other wild skills. It can be challenging. For me, the toughest part is that I am shy. Really shy. You may not notice it, but come on, I’m […]

12 Days of Travel: My Life on the Road, 2017 in Review

In putting together this series of travel destinations to write about, I’ve been going back through my photos from this year. I know I get around more than most, but even for me this year has been crazy. 2017 was one of my busiest years yet, setting foot in 8 different countries. In my work […]

12 Days of Travel: Day 3, Marrakech, Morocco

Today we travel to the north of Africa, to visit a land of color, sound, and the scent of spice-filled marketplaces. A vision of adventure, we visit Morocco’s famous market city, Marrakech. Morocco is an excellent country to visit for its traditional way of life, natural beauty and exotic, far-away feeling. Tourism is a high […]

12 Days of Travel, Day 1: Bangkok

To celebrate the holiday season and project ourselves into a new year of travel adventures, I present you with a new travel destination every day. I hope these blogs will inspire you to dream big and make travel and beautiful experiences a priority for 2018. Today we visit the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. I’ve got […]

International Travel for Beginners

Are you planning your first trip abroad? Or maybe you’re trying to convince a friend to get out of their comfort zone and travel abroad for the first time? After spending half of my life devoted to travel, I’ve got some advice for international travel beginners. Planning an international trip begins like writing any good […]