Compression Socks for Travel and Why You Should Use Them

What are Compression Socks and Why do you Need Them? Compression socks are tight fitting, spandex-stretchy knee-high socks. You probably associate them with nurses or grocery store clerks. And, as usual, those nurses know what they are doing. Compression socks for travel are a leg’s best friend. It seems a little counterintuitive, but super tight […]

Travel Shoes: What About Barefoot Shoes?

In my quest for the perfect travel shoe, I have done plenty of shoe research. Comfort is key, but in my packing philosophy weight plays a big part. As I have combed the landscape for lightweight shoes, I have found a whole shoe movement that I didn’t know existed, barefoot shoes. If only we could be […]

Travel Shoe Spreadsheet

The Perfect Travel Shoe I wouldn’t say that a travel shoe can make a trip, but they sure as heck can break a trip. I’ve been on the hunt for years to find the perfect travel shoe. It’s my business and I take it seriously. I asked my readers to suggest their favorite travel shoe […]

What Travel Goodies Did Santa Bring?

Happy Christmas aftermath! My living room looks like a toy store exploded, how about you? I must have been a pretty good girl because I got a few really fun travel goodies, some of which are heading with me to Europe when I return. I have plenty of travel gear, but I’m always impressed by […]

Sarah’s Favorite Travel Gifts

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts to think about Christmas gifts. I’m a practical sort of girl, so I prefer to give and get things that are so practical that they are almost boring! New underpants? Yes please! As long as they are packable and dry quickly! Moleskin! How did you know? […]