A Real Day as a Guidebook Researcher

I’m out on the road in Italy again, updating Rick Steves guidebooks. Guidebook research is fun, and many people would say that it is their dream job. I did too, that’s why I’m here. With all professions, no matter how glamorous from the outside, work is called work for a reason. Guidebook research requires stamina […]

Self Care on the Road

I’ve been on the road for a long time this year. Between tours, guidebook research, travel with my son and various little projects, I’ve been away from my own bed for a while. It can be tough, especially for introverts like myself. Tonight I’m staying in, enjoying the quiet of my hotel room. I have […]


You’d think that someone who travels for a living, writes about travel and guides hundreds of people around Europe every year would have magnificent organizational skills. You’d think that everything would always go as planned. You’d think there would be nothing but sunshine and perfect days. You’d be wrong. Misadventures are the real stuff of […]

A Day in the Life of a Guidebook Researcher

I’ve changed gears here in Italy, just having finished two tours, one of Sicily and one of Venice, Florence and Rome. My next adventure is in doing a bit of research for the Rick Steves guidebooks. More than 16 years ago, I was a frustrated young architect who was unhappy in her profession. One evening, […]