12 Ways to be a Good Tourist in Venice

It’s high season and the crowds in major cities in Europe are swarming. Venice is always a popular attraction for visitors. While the steaming mass of tourists come and go, frustrated locals feel the pressure of crowding every day. As with any cross section of humanity, there are thoughtful travelers and…not so thoughtful travelers in […]

10 Movies for Travelers to Italy

Now that the Oscars are over and winter is dragging on, it’s time to settle in for a movie binge. I’m off to Sicily and Tuscany again in about a month, so I’m getting in the mood with some classic movies set in Italy. Ready to shake off the winter blahs? These 10 movies for […]

Italian Cocktails for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. It’s been a rough year and holiday gatherings may be a little awkward for many this year. As we travel to parties, grandma’s house or to the various places we gather with loved ones (who you may disagree with), you may be asking yourself, “What will make this better?” My […]

Buon Ferragosto, the Holiday that Doesn’t Quit

Today is August 15. In the US, that means that the dog-days of summer are upon us, summer vacationing is coming to a close and some kids are going back to school. Here in Italy, it is the eye of the vacation storm. August 15 is a national holiday here called Ferragosto. Technically it is […]