Oh, the Things You’ll Eat: A Tour Guide’s Year in Food

When I was a backpacker in my 20’s, I lived on bread, cheese and tomato. You can get that in any country, it’s cheap, non-scary and portable. Boy, I thought I was living the good life when I could add Nutella and a 50 cent bottle of wine to that spread. Although my scruffy travel […]

Gluten Free Travel

Travel can present dietary challenges for everyone, but can be very intimidating for people with serious allergies or dietary restrictions. One of the most common challenges that I see on the road is a gluten free diet. Gluten free travel is not impossible, it’s actually become very common and pretty easy to do with a […]

Go! Eat! Dietary Restrictions in Travel

Of all the great travel experiences, there is one constant–eating well wherever you are will make your trip richer and more fun. But what if you have allergies or dietary restrictions in travel that will keep you from eating whatever you like? Not to worry, you can eat local and eat well wherever you go, […]

Street Food in Thailand

Thailand is a cross roads of eastern cultures. The food found there is some of the most complex, rich with delicious aromas. It’s where tropical flavors mix with Chinese and Indian traditions. While I do enjoy sitting down for a meal with a variety of dishes, street food in Thailand is more diverse and fascinating, […]

Italian Cocktails for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. It’s been a rough year and holiday gatherings may be a little awkward for many this year. As we travel to parties, grandma’s house or to the various places we gather with loved ones (who you may disagree with), you may be asking yourself, “What will make this better?” My […]

Comfort Food: A Simple Tomato Sauce Recipe

Comfort food is a simple pleasure that we all enjoy. Eating when you feel sad, stressed or even just happy and cozy can be therapeutic. Comfort food may sound unhealthy but it doesn’t need to be that way, there are healthy things to eat that will brighten your day. A tomato sauce recipe may hit […]

A Small Lesson in Pizza

I’m home from my trip and back in my kitchen, thinking about what to feed my family….as usual. I’ve been very lucky that my professional life often gives me the opportunity to learn new things, and usually fun, interesting things such as pizza-making. The skills I’ve learned in Italy have come back to my kitchen […]