Detours: Cinque Terre Day Trip

The Cinque Terre is a favorite among travel destinations. Five sweet, colorful villages tumble down the verdant, vineyard filled hills into the aquamarine sea. Each town with its own character, all linked by a series of pretty trails along the Mediterranean. Justifiably popular, these little villages are no longer hidden from tourism. Some days, particularly […]

Going Underground in Rome

Rome has no lack of famous archaeological sites and plenty of easily accessible ruins. But the one thing most visitors don’t realize is that much, if not most, of Ancient Rome still exists in some form. For the best view of the past you need to travel down in the layers, underground in Rome. The […]

Detours: Roman Gladiator School

Italy isn’t always set up for family tourism, unfortunately. For my son’s first trip to Italy, I have been looking to make his experience fun and engaging, looking for something to do that can bring history to life. I was lucky enough to have that very something fall into my lap, a combat lesson at […]